Lightrotor is an interactive and kinetic light-sound installation.

Supervision by Prof. Alexandra Martini and Prof. Volker von Kardorff
In collaboration with Oriana Striebeck, Danai Moshona, Moritz Freudenberg
Micheal Born (Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces)

Lichtrotor spins light in space. Rotating arms of light orbit whoever dares to step inside. The roaring sound of industrial motors and the blinding light of high performance LEDs wrap around a subject standing or laying underneath. We developed a system of gears and shafts that allow for Lichtrotor’s three rotating arms to be controlled individually. Through an external controller the speed and direction of the rotation can be adjusted to choreograph the installation. The resulting performance can be quite harmonious or in contrast very rough to experience for the subject.

Our team was fortunate to be mentored by Michael Born, a dedicated electrical engineer from our local Max Planck Institute in Potsdam.