Data Visualization | Generative Design | Rapid Manufacturing

Data Trophy is a unique visualization of Formula 1 Racing Data utilizing algorithmic modeling and incremental sheet metal forming.

Supervision by Prof. Hermann Weizenegger and Jörg Höltje
In cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technologies

In collaboration with Stefan Aufrichter

Driver races a winning lap

Telemetry data is collected 

Datasets are visualized

The Formula 1 driving competition is regarded as the most technologically advanced sporting discipline in the world. Racing engineers create incredibly fine-tuned machines pushing the boundaries of mechanics, physics, and material science. Hundreds of sensors are deployed throughout the car and on the track registering even the most subtle of measurements. This so called Telemetry Data is used to analyze the car's performance and to judge the driver's decisions during every instant of the race. It is our aim to use these data sets to generate a physical representation of a driver's winning race, creating a truly individual artifact.

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A Bespoke Trophy

Data Trophy's shape is generated by our custom Grasshopper algorithm. Each trophy has a unique form derived from the car's telemetry data. Three custom metal sheets are manufactured during the race and on-site by Fraunhofer Institute IWU in real-time using the Incremental Sheet Metal Forming rapid manufacturing technology. At the end of the race, the data sheets are assembled creating an exclusive representation of the driver's winning performance.

Incremental Sheet Metal Forming

Incremental sheet metal forming is a technique where a shape is formed from a flat metal piece by a series of small incremental deformations. A rounded tool creates a complex three-dimensional contour in the metal sheet until the final shape is completed.

Incremental sheet metal forming at Fraunhofer IWU

Data Trophy has been on display at several design exhibitions including IMM Cologne, Bratislava Design Week, smart technology - new design and DMY Berlin where it received the education award with Metalscapes.