Interaction Design | Industrial Design

KIP is an intelligent music controller based on the users selection of genres, subgenres and moods. It presents a new and intuitive way of interaction with music.

Supervision by Prof. Reto Wettach and Stephan Rein
In collaboration with 
Janis Specks and Bobin Lee


By physically tilting, rotating, knocking and shaking the device the user navigates the user interface.  

tilt to select genre, subgenre or mood

shake to give wider range of choices

rotate for volume control

tap to go back to previous layer

All modes of input are recognized by a motion sensorNo mechanical elements like buttons, swiches, or potentiometers are used in our design. KIP is therefore extremely reliable and robust.

mapping of possible user interactions
interface layers

We conducted several user tests in order to identify the optimal user experience. Through careful evaluation of our qualitative and quantitative feedback we iterated on the design several times and produced a number of prototypes varying in functions, dimensions and materials. Our user-centered approach was crucial during the entire design process.