Industrial Design | Sustainability
KUBE was created by bringing design students and local craftspeople together, resulting in meaningful relationships though collaboration and transfer of knowledge.

Supervision by Prof. Hermann Weizenegger

Structural and formal experimentation

‚ÄčA cube emerges from an ingeniously bent precision steel tube drawn by a single line in space. KUBE is a cantilever side table which actually cantilevers twice. This feature allows for the table surface to remain horizontal when holding weight, where typical cantilever designs tilt. Spatially, KUBE presents a point symmetrical object that successfully eludes different forms when viewed from multiple perspectives.

KUBE was designed and produced in collaboration with two local craftsmen in Berlin. After the project, a group of fellow students and me founded Haus Brandenburg, a collaborative plattform for sustainable design by creating a network of regional craftspeople and local designers. For more information please visit our Haus Brandenburg website or our Blog.